What makes Clearview Wellness Different?

Clearview Wellness is a community more than a business.  We provide a new, unique way of organising wellness services and healing therapies, where all your physical and mental needs can be met in one abode. Whether you want to retreat from the chaotic world and find solace in the soothing atmosphere, wish to relax, or require more intensive complimentary medicine, we can offer you exactly what you need.

You could spend entire days exploring this inviting village, visiting private little rooms for yoga, pilates, massage and acupuncture, then joining communal spaces like the cafes and boutiques, where meeting other friendly inhabitants of the village is a common treat.

Why a Community and not a Business?

We recognise there are a million different places that offer yoga, massage, or acupuncture. Instead, we present you with an experience, a sanctuary – a place you can come to, unwind, and feel at home. We offer small classes (less than 12 people), where you can actually get to know the other visitors in the community,  and a personalised service, where those who work with you know your name, your stories, and your likes (not just your bank balance). The focus of the centre is on getting to know you who are – what you need and what treatments will suit. When designing services for you we will mix modalities to craft an individualised healing therapy that will be exactly what you need.

Why? Because we believe the key to wellness lies in connection – to your community, to other individuals, and to yourself.

How did Clearview Wellness Grow?

The Clearview community is the manifestation of 15 years of dreams and hard work by Heather Levy. Heather’s vision was to nurture a home with a place for everyone – from those wanting a little time to themselves, to those needing more intense therapies to heal. Heather has been caring for others from a very young age, and knew early in life this was her chosen career. Her business philosophy is simple, yet refreshing: “my home is your home”. Heather wanted to develop a community where people can come, be treated like family, and be healed. She strongly believes holistic therapies can help you tune into the needs of your mind, body, and soul, and find your path in life (plus they feel really nice!).

Apart from a passion for helping others and a genuine joy in welcoming you into her community, Heather comes to you with a world of experience and qualifications.  She started by managing upscale spas and salons in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, San Diego, and Washington and now has over 10 years’ experience as a massage therapist. In 2008, she was tempted by the friendly atmosphere of Australia and the Coogee community with its love of health and wellness. Throughout her journey, Heather has completed qualifications in an amazing range of healing therapies.

Heather also has a wonderful extended family of therapists, all with excellent qualifications and experiences, and a desire to make you feel at home and like kin.

Sydney has already recognised the unique contribution Heather and the Clearview Wellness Centre provides for her community – awarding the Randwick New Business Award in 2011 for the high standard of treatments, enthusiastic customer service, and unique contribution to the Coogee community.

We invite you into our home – come and retreat from the chaos outside, relax your body, and revive your mind and soul.

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”

Lee-Ann Taylor


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