Pre & Post Natal

Clearview offers pre- and post-natal massage to support and soothe the many changes you and your body experience during and after pregnancy. With changes in hormones, extra tension in your muscles, ligaments, and joints, during pregnancy, regular massage with a specially-trained practitioner is a must for a more comfortable, enjoyable pregnancy.

Enjoy the benefits of pregnancy massage

There are many benefits to enjoying massage at all stages of pregnancy. It can:

    • Relieve discomforts caused by the extra weight and shift in your centre of gravity, including back pain and sciatica, and fluid retention (oedema).
    • Promote circulation and blood flow, improve the flow of lymphatic fluids, and increase muscle relaxation.
    • Help you to be more comfortable with yourself and accept your body’s changes with more understanding.
    • Reduce pre-existing or old injuries which may be exacerbated and inflamed.
    • Encourage mispositioned babies (such as those in breech or posterior positions) to move into a more favourable position. Combining your massage with the moxa technique used in Acupuncture is especially beneficial.
    • Promote bonding between you and your baby.

Baby & You

Let us care for you and your baby

At Clearview we want to nurture you through your pregnancy journey. Please let us know on booking how many weeks pregnant you are so we can personalise the massage based on your physical and emotional needs. We are here to look after you and your baby’s individual needs.

During your pregnancy, our pre-natal massage can help ease your discomforts while connecting you and your baby.

Massage is incredibly restorative following the birth; it will soothe tired muscles to renew your mind and body and revive your energy so you can focus on enjoying life with your new baby.

Our post-natal massage will ease the tension and soreness (especially around the upper back, neck, and shoulders) that comes with the use of different muscles during breast feeding, carrying, and lifting your baby.

If you’re feeling the postpartum blues, a massage can support your well-being by giving you a quiet, relaxing space where there is time for you to look after yourself.

Retreat, relax, and revive at Clearview.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga adapts classic yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques to teach awareness of the body. Postures and stretching strengthens your circulation, digestion, uterus and pelvic muscles, so you can relax, rest, re-energise, and feel at ease during your pregnancy. This process allows you to recognise changes in your body and develop the confidence to connect with your unborn baby. It is suitable for all mums.

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