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I learned about life pretty quickly. When I was just 15 years old, my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia, and 7 months later, it took her life.

Just like that.

It was when I was 18, I decided that I wanted to go to college and be in the health care industry.  I studied health care management and that didn’t seem like the right fit for me. I began my journey working in spas and salons, and eventually by 22 was managing spa locations on the east coast.  This wasn’t my calling. At 22, I decided to try becoming a massage therapist as a part time job. The first day of class at massage school I sat down with my name tag on, and there were two women in front of me in the class and that was it. I sat behind one woman, she looked at my name tag and seemed to recognise me. I was wondering how this woman knew me. She said she took care of my mother when she was sick. She said she wanted to change careers because after my mother and some other patients she took care of, it was too much for her emotionally. I explained I was there because of her and her generosity and ability to take us in as family. I realized after 7 years of not seeing this woman, and both of us ending up at the same place at the same time, this was a calling in my life.  With my management skills, and then becoming a therapist, at the age of 25 it was my goal to have my own wellness centre at the age of 30.  At the time I did not realize the difficult road it would take to get me there.

I was checking off goals one by one. College Degree. Spa Management. Massage Therapist.  I was travelling and exploring the world in between all of this. I met a guy during my journeys. He was from Australia and I thought I need to see if this can work for us, so yet another possibility began :). It was my goal to have my own wellness centre at the age of 30. It was time to take action.

My biggest challenge lied ahead. Opening a business within 1 year of moving to Australia. Difficult in itself, even more challenging with no family,  friends and no savings put away. I packed it up. I moved.

Amongst all the craziness, there was a couple things I knew for certain. I knew I wanted to be in Sydney. I knew I wanted a wellness centre. I had one year to figure it out.  It took guts. 7 days a week. Sleepless nights. And a relentless positive attitude. I wasn’t going to give up.

Everyone helped me through the process, from clients, to new friends.  My new found family was budding in the small town of Coogee.  A few years later,  I opened my doors to the community. Clearview Wellness Centre had arrived. I personally arrived.

Once the doors were open I decided to take on studying acupuncture & Chinese medicine full time completing a four year degree. I also completed Certification in becoming a yoga teacher and pilates instructor.  There were many more certifications and many other travel components to allow myself to be the life long learner and gypsy I love to be.

After 10 years of opening the doors to Clearview and manifesting so many wonderful relationships we look forward to what lies ahead.

It’s the personal relationships, the courage to go after your hearts desire, and the strength to park your fears curbside, and keep on moving. Set your goals. Go after them. Don’t look back. Nobody drives looking in the rearview anyhow.

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